Wil Wheaton compartilhou uma mensagem tocante no Instagram, ainda na quarta (1). O ator, conhecido por Star Trek: The Next Generation, homenageou The Big Bang Theory, que está chegando ao fim. 

Wil Wheaton aparece na comédia desde 2009, onde interpreta ele mesmo. Na rede social, o ator disse que a série salvou a sua carreira. Veja abaixo.

“Ontem à noite, eu fui ao estúdio 25, conhecido agora como o estúdio de The Big Bang Theory, e assisti a gravação final da série que me trouxe a maior alegria da minha vida, mais do que outros trabalhos meus. Eu acho que é justo dizer que eu fiz um tripé da minha carreira com Star Trek, Conta Comigo e The Big Bang Theory”, declarou o ator. 

Mesmo com o currículo, Wil Wheaton afirmou que Hollywood “não tem mais interesse” no trabalho dele. Mas, garantiu que continuará atuando por causa da comédia. 

“Eu posso dizer de forma confiante que eu tenho uma carreira hoje por causa de The Big Bang Theory, e tudo que eu fizer a partir de hoje, até o resto da minha vida, estará nos ombros do trabalho que eu pude fazer na última década”, destacou Wil Wheaton.

Por fim, o artista afirmou que construiu uma família em The Big Bang Theory

“São momentos como esse, e relações como essa, que realmente valem a pena e fazem a diferença na vida. Eu sou grato e sortudo por ter tantos momentos com esses seres humanos incríveis”, descreveu o famoso. 

O episódio final de The Big Bang Theory será exibido em 16 de maio nos EUA.

The Big Bang Theory está em exibição com seus últimos episódios na CBS, nos Estados Unidos. No Brasil, a série é exibida pela Warner Channel.

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Last night, I went to Stage 25, now known as The Big Bang Theory Stage, and watched the taping of the final episode of the show that has brought more joy into my life than anything else I've ever done in my professional career. I have a lot of feelings and emotions to unpack, and they are all too raw and turbulent to do that today. Maybe after I go to the wrap party tonight. Maybe in a few days. Maybe it's too personal to ever properly convey what it means and has meant to me since I joined the show in the second season. Maybe I'll try right now and see what comes out. I think it's fair to say that if I built a tripod out of my career, the main legs would be Stand By Me, Star Trek, and The Big Bang Theory. It kind of blows me away that I get to say that. It is remarkable to me that I have gotten to have all of these things in my life, when honestly just ONE of them would be more than anyone could hope for on his or her resume. Mainstream Hollywood doesn't seem to be especially interested in me and what I bring to a production these days. I don't know why, and I don't know if I'll ever be able to do anything to change that, but I can confidently say that I probably have an on-camera acting career today because of Big Bang Theory, and anything I do on camera for the rest of my career will stand on the shoulders of the work I've had the privilege and honor to perform over the last decade. But all of that is just math and *work*, and while I'm grateful for the work, and proud of the work, what I will cherish for the rest of my life are the friends I've made among the cast, writers, and crew. This is a picture of me with Kevin Sussman, who was in my very first episode way back before I had any grey in my beard, and I love it, because it's this silly thing we did whenever we worked together on the stage. "Hey, let's take a super awkward selfie," I would say to Kevin, and then this would happen. It's moments like this, and relationships like this, that truly matter and make the difference in a life, and I'm so lucky and grateful that I have had so many moments like this, with these amazing humans.

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